Amphion Krypton

Krypton3 is Amphion's reference project 25 years in the making. This highly innovative and unique three-way reference loudspeaker allows you to enjoy fullrange, realistic orchestral performances without owning a concert hall. Our flagship houses innovative technologies, which ensure the highest level of performance, even in less than optimal listening environments.

Mighty midrange

The combined cone area of tweeter and two 8" midrange units is 950cm² - up to 7x more than in competing products. When needed, substantial amounts of air can be moved with ease, while preserving the nuances.

Cardioid design

The highly innovative cardioid midrange minimizes unwanted reflections from both side and back walls (up to 20 dB), and allows Krypton3's to perform exceptionally well even in small rooms or close to large windows.

Hidden 10″ bass

To achieve true fullrange sound, Krypton3's elegant and timeless cabinet design incorporates a 10" side firing woofer. Rigid aluminum cone and a long excursion ensure a powerful and controlled bass in all environments.

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fra kr 240 000,00