Audio Solutions Figaro L2

Three-way speaker system designed with Mini-Horn loaded silk dome tweeter and our unique midrange driver which works in extended mid-band effectively making it an Extended-Band driver, allowing us to push crossover frequencies of the drivers further away from the most critical area for the human ear - 1000-1500Hz and thus reduce crossover distortions and perception of them. Two whole new re-designed ER (Extra Rigid) hard paper cone bass drivers deliver faster and deeper bass response and improve overall sound clarity.

The Cabinet-In-a-Cabinet enclosure system taken from upper scale Virtuoso series contributes to a complex closed system that eliminates unwanted resonances by turning acoustical energy into heat, allowing all drivers to perform with precision and dynamics.

Figaro features outriggers with height-adjustable spikes, WBT NextGen connection terminals with bi-amping for models L and XL, and also a whole new 6 unique never seen before satin finishes with brass metal accents.

Dimensions (HxWxD) : 1240mm x 336mm x 581mm; 48.82 x 13.23 x 22.87in

Weight : 75 kg/165 lbs each

Shipping weight : 82 kg/180 lbs each

Sensitivity : 92 dB @ 2.83V 1m

Suggested amp power : 20-500 W;

Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms

Crossover frequency : 400 Hz; 4000 Hz

Frequency response (in-room environment) : 24-25000 Hz

Drivers : 19mm silk dome tweeter, 18.3cm ER paper cone mid, two 23.3cm ER paper cone bass drivers

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