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New Horizon GD Clamp. 510gr.                                                  Pris 1090.-

New Horizon Al`Mat.

Absolutely the best turntable mat in the world.
Made of 100% Alcantara®, with a thickness of 0.8mm it is made by extrusion and therefore has a practically perfect evenness of thickness.
It is very thin and you will not have to adjust the height of the arm, it is naturally antistatic and has a fantastic grip, it is beautiful, unique in the world and 100% made in Italy!                              Pris 1190.- 

New Horizon ALE.

Digitally controlled external power supply, dedicated to the GD series turntables.

ALE uses a proprietary software which manages the mains energy and delivers the right voltage at the exact frequency to the turntable motor.

The internal DSP analyzes the input current parameters and reworks them providing a clean and constant voltage. Through a precision quartz, it generates a perfect sine wave at the requested frequency with no electric noise. In this way the platter rotates at a very stable speed with a lot of benefits at the listening.

In addition ALE allows the electronic selection of the speed of 33.3 - 45 - 78 rounds per minute.                                                                                                                                                                      Pris 4790.-

New Horizon Feet.

High performance damping feet kits.
The 5030RD and the 6040RD improve the sonic characteristics of any HiFi equipment by providing better isolation from vibrations and resonances.
The kits consist of 4 feet in Delrin®, steel, low density natural rubber and HQR compound (Hard Quiet Rubber).
Can be used on amplifiers, sources and loudspeakers, they completely replace the original feet.
5030 Dimensions: D: 49mm - H: 33mm - Maximum load per foot: 9kg
6040 Dimensions: D: 64mm - H: 38mm - Maximum load per foot: 12kg
Fixing system: M8 x 20mm screw or 8mm deep M8 thread
The new damping systems, by clearing the system of spurious vibrations, noticeably improve the acoustic scene, detail and
the 3D effect.                                                                                                          5030RD Pris 2390.-

                                                                                                                                 6040RD Pris 2590.- 

New Horizo GD adapter 45.

Universal adapter needed to play 7" vinyl (mostly known as 45 rpm).                                Pris 180.- 

New Horizon GD carbon spacers.

Spacers kit for the vertical adjustment (VTA) of the turntable tonearm.
The set consists of 3 discs of different thickness for an adjustment up to + 6mm.
The kit is designed for New Horizon GD2 and 200 series turntables but can be used on any 8.6" Pro-Ject Debut Carbon tonearm.                                                                                                   Pris 710.-

New Horizon GD 12 platter.

Kit dedicated to the upgrade of the New Horizon GD1 and 101 turntables.
The set includes a 12 mm thick crystalline methacrylate platter, a dedicated aluminum spindle adapter and lubricating oil to restore the function of the pin.
With this kit the performance of the GD1 and 101 acquire a significant increase.                 Pris 1550.- 

New Horizon GD Double belt.

Upgrade to double the traction force of the plate.
Contains a new pulley that supports the double drive belt and a second silicone belt.
The kit is suitable for all turntables with a 12mm or thicker platter.
A significant improvement in the already excellent performance with a more lively soundstage rendering and an exciting dynamics.

The Set allows you to manage the rotation speed of 33.33 rpm.
Using the ALE power supply the selectable speeds are: 33.33 and 45 rpm.                       Pris 950.-

New Horizo GD Special ball.

Ceramic precision ball (aluminium oxide).
This material has the lowest friction coefficient tested and improves the mechanical characteristics of the inverted bearing.
Special Ball perfect fits on the whole New Horizon production.                                               Pris 480.-