EAM lab 302.

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In this power amplifier we have gathered all the experience gained in the electroacoustic field in the course of
twenty years.
Power supply, output stages, preamplifying stages, components and protections are made in this
amplifier to provide excellent performance in any environment, condition, load.
600 Watts per channel on 4Ohm and 1000 on 2Ohm leave no doubt. ELEMENT 302 interfaces better with
the most demanding loudspeakers, providing unlimited power in every situation.
In this model a new philosophy of circuit approach has been adopted, starting from the supply stage up to the output stage. Without compromise,
without reservations. Like the microprocessor that controls the entire operation of all parameters
HDCAtm is the newly developed preamplifier stage designed and developed in the laboratories of
Eam Lab and literally means High Dynamic Current Amplifier that allows an amplification of the current signal before be subjected to the actual amplification Of the pilot stage, driver and output.

This stage is completely discrete components, is seen similar to an OpAmp and allows sonic superiority to amplify the current signal. The HDCA circuit has a bandwidth of 1Mhz, a distortion close to 0.00001%, linearity within 0.1db between 1hz and 250.000hz always guaranteeing a perfect interfacing with any source.
It's not all. HDCA is armored in an aluminum container and resined with special heat-coupled polymers. All this translates into an always perfect linear operation with temperatures ranging between -30 and + 150 ° c. to inexperienced eyes it may seem useless a job like that. it is essential to not allow the first stages of amplification of the signal, which are the most delicate and most frequent fluctuations due to external agents (AC, RF, vibrations), to «get dirty» and inevitably dirty the signal to be transmitted to the later stages . Thanks to the similar HDCA stadium no longer exist.

Feeding details

To guarantee an always high and clean output current, enormous transformers are needed. But the more transformers are bigger the more they tend to vibrate. ELEMENT 302 is equipped with 2 toroidal transformers of 1000VA each. We have solved the problem by resining the transformers in a non-magnetic container re-insulating the whole with a 3mm thick aluminum casing that protects sensitive amplification circuits

Attention to details

The aluminum casing also acts as a heat sink for the rectifying diodes, in this case 2, one per branch, capable of handling forward currents of over 500A each. All this power must obviously be dissipated.
In this case a radiant surface of over 80cm squared optimally dissipates and escapes every kind of problem.

Output current

The current that can be supplied is supplied by Sanken bipolar devices of the latest generation. ELEMENT 302 has 16 for each channel with current peaks that reach 272 Amper. The average can reach 140 constant amperes.
To ensure effective heat dissipation we opted for direct transistor / heatsink mounting without additional plates and the electrical insulation is given by a special military production mica that decreases the W / C ° ratio.


The importance of better protecting electronics and connected loads is of primary importance to us at Eam Lab. For this reason we have developed effective protections that do not alter the musical signal in any way. Specifically for this model, they have also been integrated by a microprocessor which increases its effectiveness and precision of intervention.

IDCL TM (Impedance Detecting & Current Limiting) it is a protection circuit that constantly monitors the output current of the power amplifiers comparing it with the load impedance. the IDCL circuit intervenes in case the output current should increase for various reasons. With this method it is possible to use ELEMENT302 even with impedance loads close to the short circuit without a slight mention of failure.
SVCSTM (Servo Controlled Current State) The imposing power of the amplifier must be treated appropriately and its management is entrusted to this circuit. The currents in play, often very high, are kept under control even when the amplifier is switched on to start working. To prolong the life of transformers and capacitors, the supply voltage is brought to full capacity only after a few seconds and not all at once. It goes from 30% to 100% in about 3 seconds from the ignition. In addition to this useful function the SVCS controls the power supplied by the transformer and limits its functioning only in case of excessive heat dissipation, lowering its efficiency gradually up to 70% of its capacity.

THLTM (Thermal Heat Limiting) The temperature of the final devices is managed by this circuit which always guarantees its correct functioning even in case of excessive thermal stress. The circuit intervenes when the temperature on the dissipators reaches the threshold of 75 ° c. and it makes sure to keep it stable within a tolerance of 10% by acting on micro-variations of the polarization of the final stages. The two LEDs on the front panel indicate the intervention of the THL circuit. this is a condition that occurs after a few hours of operation (in some cases after a few minutes, dependent on the connected load) and the amplifier in this condition can continuously work without the slightest problem for many hours.
ILP TM (Intelligent Lock Power) the ILP protection system encloses 3 different functions in a single circuit. detects any DC currents present on the final devices by blocking the outputs and disconnecting the connected load. in this regard, the task is entrusted to 2 30A relays with over 500,000 contact cycles. ILP is not a simple DC dector but a more complex system of protections able to detect every little variation of the continuous output voltage. even in the case of prolonged clipping, the circuit intervenes. Working in tandem with IDCL these two devices are able to guarantee unrivaled reliability for this amplifier.

For a long time, power has been the center of attention for quality amplifiers, followed by the factors of total harmonic distortion.
However, these isolated observations are not sufficient to explain the characteristics of a sound emitted by an amplifier.
Only a global vision that considers the real load of a diffuser leads to valid results. An ideal amplifier is
stable regardless of the load seen and must provide constant amplification with zero phase shifts on all frequencies.
This should be done without excessive signal paths or «tricks» that are often used in transistor technology such as excessive negative feedback and high gains or, worse, with the correction of the signal itself. These amplifiers are perfect for measuring benches but then, almost always, they behave when listening to valves worse.
The purpose of Eam Lab is to guarantee a very linear and fast amplification, without alterations, providing high delivery currents that can not be minimally realized with vacuum tubes.

  • Spesifikasjoner

EAM lab Element 302: Dual mono effektforsterker.

300W 8 ohm/ 600W 4 ohm/ 1000W 2 ohm pr kanal

2000VA trafo og 100,000uf

De første 20Watt i ren klasse A
• Slew/rate 48 V/uS
• Demping factor 350
• Frekvensrespons 5hz - 28Khz +/- 0.05 db / 28Khz - 100Khz +/- 3db
• THD vs FR 0.003% @ 1Khz
• Dimensioni 40 x 42 x 22 cm. ( D x B x H )

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