New Horizon Feet

High performance damping feet kits.
The 5030RD and the 6040RD improve the sonic characteristics of any HiFi equipment by providing better isolation from vibrations and resonances.
The kits consist of 4 feet in Delrin®, steel, low density natural rubber and HQR compound (Hard Quiet Rubber).
Can be used on amplifiers, sources and loudspeakers, they completely replace the original feet.
5030 Dimensions: D: 49mm - H: 33mm - Maximum load per foot: 9kg
6040 Dimensions: D: 64mm - H: 38mm - Maximum load per foot: 12kg
Fixing system: M8 x 20mm screw or 8mm deep M8 thread
The new damping systems, by clearing the system of spurious vibrations, noticeably improve the acoustic scene, detail and
the 3D effect

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